Day one of the judicial inquiry into the town of Collingwood’s sale of half of its utility services got underway on Monday.

The inquiry will be divided into three phases and deal with the decision to sell the town’s 50 percent share of Collus to PowerStream Inc. in 2012. It will look into the fees or benefit paid to anyone concerning the sale, and consider any issues arising from the transactions.

The inquiry has already compiled 440,000 documents that form a foundation for the hearings to follow.

“Legal documents, accounting information, notes that were taken at the time, it’s a collection of documents that show part of the picture of what happened,” explains the lead counsel for the inquiry, Kate McGrann.

The inquiry was requested by the previous town council who voted five to one in favour of looking into the sale of half Collingwood’s electrical utility.

It is anticipated the judicial inquiry will cost a million dollars.

This phase of the public hearing is scheduled to take place this week, and the inquiry proceedings will continue through May.

Supporting documents are being posted online here.