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Crown's efforts to have Clearview Township man deemed a dangerous offender stalled


Warning: Readers may find the content in this article disturbing and triggering.

With loved ones by his side, Anthony Holtorf left the Barrie Courthouse following an adjournment for what was supposed to be a hearing to determine whether the 37-year-old from Clearview Township should be deemed a dangerous or long-term offender.

The Crown and defence, however, agreed the forensic psychiatrist selected for the case, which was set to assess Holtorf, would not be used after the Crown revealed a recent Court of Appeals decision which found the doctor was careless in his testimony in another case and was found to have lifted analysis from his previous reports.

Citing concerns she characterized as several red flags, the Crown and Holtorf's lawyer asked the court to allow time to find a replacement, which has proved difficult amid a shortage of forensic psychiatrists available to the court.

Holtorf, who was convicted in late November of criminal harassment and trying to abduct 12-year-old girls at an Angus park more than five years ago, remains out on bail after the Crown fought unsuccessfully to have Holtorf's bail revoked.

During the trial, the court heard Holtorf tried to lure the underage girls into his car to play what he called "the taste test game" with him.

Holtorf was arrested when the girls came forward and told their parents what had happened.

When police arrived, they discovered Holtorf had a backpack in his car containing a neck collar attached to a metal chain, a metal whip, pre-knotted ropes, four sets of Velcro restraints and condoms. The court also heard he had a remote-controlled vibrator attached to his genitals.

Holtorf's lawyer tried to have the evidence deemed inadmissible, arguing that the search violated her client's rights. Justice Casullo disagreed.

The Crown is seeking to have Holtorf deemed a dangerous offender likely to commit further crimes. A forensic psychiatrist will provide Justice Casullo with an assessment of Holtorf, which the defence consented to.

Holtorf was acquitted of similar charges in 2022 when the judge found there wasn't enough evidence to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Anthony Holtorf returns to court in June.

The hope from the Crown and defence is that a new forensic psychiatrist can be found to testify. Top Stories

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