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Convicted child predator's disturbing actions unveiled in court after abduction attempt at Angus park


Warning: Readers may find content in this article disturbing and triggering.

A Clearview Township man who is now a convicted child predator was found guilty of attempting to abduct 12-year-old girls in an Angus park in 2019, and what police found inside his car can only be described as horrific.

A woman, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, witnessed Anthony Holtorf that day and told CTV News Holtorf is a monster who preyed on children and deserves to be removed from society.

"Very horrifying. It hit so close to home that it was actually scary, and I don't let my kids back at the park," she said. "He had no shame when I was across the street. He blatantly just sat in his vehicle and continued to try and pursue the girls as I stood there talking to 911."

Holtorf, 36, was also found guilty of two counts of criminal harassment when the court heard that in March 2019, while at Greenwood McCann Park, he asked a 12-year-old girl if she wanted to play "the taste test game" with him and offered her money and sweets to do so.

Court heard he tried repeatedly to entice the girl to leave her friends and get into his car, even telling her he had a child around her age who she would get along with.

Justice Annette Casullo found Holtorf had become increasingly frustrated that the young girl wasn't taking the bait. The court heard the girl describe his behaviour as weird.

After the concerned mother heard from the girls what had happened at the park, she went over and saw Holtorf speaking with three other young girls and immediately called the police.

Witness says this is Anthony Holtorf inside his car at the Greenwood McCann Park in Angus, Ont. (Submitted)

The court heard investigators found a backpack in Holtorf's car containing a neck collar attached to a metal chain, a metal whip, pre-knotted ropes, four sets of Velcro restraints and condoms.

Holtorf's lawyer, Mary Cremer, tried to have the evidence deemed inadmissible, arguing the search was unreasonable and violated her client's rights under the Charter, to which Justice Casullo disagreed.

Police testified Holtorf had a vibrator still attached to his genitals and had been controlling the device with a remote.

Holtorf was also found with a mask and a black sock in his car.

The Barrie judge said it was clear Holtorf "had overwhelmingly progressed beyond mere planning and had taken concrete steps to commit the offence of abduction."

Holtorf was acquitted on similar charges last year when the judge found there wasn't enough evidence to prove he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

"He should have way more time behind bars before he reoffends and hurts somebody else's child," the witness said.

Just as he has been since his arrest, Holtorf remains out on bail and makes his next appearance in court in December to set a date for sentencing. Top Stories

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