With many boaters expected out on the water this weekend, police are reminding the public that the water is still very cold.

South Simcoe Police sees it every spring, boaters rushing out to the middle of the lake and dropping anchor.

“As soon as they get out here on the water, they jump off the back of the boat and they realize very quickly that without a lifejacket they're in trouble very quickly,” says South Simcoe Police Const. Steve Black.

The sun and air may be warm, but the water is not. Right now the water temperature in Lake Simcoe is 6 C.

“If the ambient  air temperatures is 21 degrees and so is the water, being submerged in that water you'll lose your body temperature 25 per cent fast in the water than you would just being outside in the air,” says J.C. Gilbert of Paramedic Services Simcoe County.

Lifesaving Society statistics says that 48 per cent of all drownings occur in lakes and 38 per cent of the time alcohol is involved. Approximately eight of 10 victims are men.

Police say the problem is people are anxious to do everything on the water right away.

“Take that extra 15 minutes to half an hour and make sure your vessel is already and make sure your cell phone has a full charge and other people know where you’re going.”