Emergency services in Bracebridge are improving thanks to a brand new $6.2-million facility.

Muskoka paramedics and Bracebridge firefighters moved into the 30,000 square foot facility on Thursday.

“Recruitment and retention of volunteers is a big thing. So when you have a beautiful facility for them to work out of, it just makes that job a little easier,” says fire chief Murray Medley.

The old fire hall lasted 36 years, but the town outgrew it. Medley thinks this new building will last 60 years.

He says the potential for growth is now unlimited, and so is the opportunity to improve communication between fire and paramedics.

“We have space for the crews for training, education, practice and storage of all of our inventory,” says Stuart McKinnon, commander of Muskoka Paramedic Services.

The move will also help save the town money.

“Projects like this are in the millions of dollars, and when you`re sharing the facility, that certainly reduces costs by tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. It`s, I think, a smart way to do business,” says Mayor Graydon Smith.

Smith says the old building will be put up for sale.