Drive-in theatres across Ontario reopened for business on June 11th, 2021. as the province entered step 1 of the COVID-19 reopening plan.

The Sunset BarrieDrive-in is one of several drive-in theatres to open up this weekend, with the location filling spots within minutes.

"It is always good to be open once again, we want to be safe and promote a healthy outdoor environment which we believe is what a drive-in is," said David Hayes, Manager, Sunset Drive-in.

According to Hayes there are some added services at Sunset Drive-in this year as visitors have the option to book tickets ahead of time.

The theatre says there are also changes to food ordering as visitors now have the option to order a meal or a sweet treat and have it delivered through a new app.

"Some of these new things that we have had to do because of COVID-19 have actually helped because now people can get their tickets in advance on a busy night and no one will have to drive to the theatre if sells out, said Hayes.

Those visiting are asked to follow COVID-19 guidelines and wear a mask when stepping out of a vehicle.

Hays says one thing that will always stay the same, is that the movie begins when the sun goes down.