Strong winds and snowsquall resulted in road closures and difficulties for drivers throughout various counties on Friday morning.

Environment Canada has issued a snow squall warning for most of our area.

Wind gusts of over 70 km/h whipped up snow into whiteouts, reducing visibility along County Road 124 north of Shelburne, giving drivers and their passengers a challenging commute.

“Conditions degraded rapidly and before we knew it we were at a snail’s pace and we couldn't see anything,” said passenger Guy Lafond. “It was to the point we couldn't even see the front of the hood on the car.”

Friday’s white out conditions on County Road 124 resulted in a collision involving five cars and a tractor-trailer.

No injuries were reported in the crash.

The OPP closed the road in both directions as conditions continued to deteriorate in Dufferin County.

Some county roads in Grey County and Bruce County were also closed because of blowing snow.

Emergency crews were kept busy all day Friday, responding to crashes in wind swept areas where conditions could rapidly change.

“The whole thing happened in seconds,” said Lafond, “everything from driving in sunlight, to white out conditions to being in a collision.”

Police are reminding drivers not to attempt to drive on closed roads.

Constable Shanon Gordanier, with the Ontario Provincial Police says it’s better to weigh the risks or not to go anywhere at all.

“Obey road closure signs as well have full headlight assembly on ensuring there tail lights are on as well,” said Gordanier. “If you don't have to be out it’s not worth it.”

Winds are forecast to diminish, but blowing snow is expected to continue overnight in Grey, Bruce, and Dufferin Counties.