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Police investigate overnight pickup truck theft from Barrie driveway


Police in Barrie are investigating another pickup truck theft from a residential neighbourhood.

According to police, a 2021 Dodge Durango was taken from a driveway on Michelle Drive sometime overnight Wednesday.

Police say the vehicle was last seen shortly after 9 p.m. parked in the driveway Tuesday and was gone by 7 a.m. the following day.

Officers believe the driver's side rear window was broken to gain entry to the truck because small traces of tinted glass were found on the driveway.

The grey Durango had an Ontario licence plate CBVZ094 when it was allegedly stolen.

Last week, police reported truck thefts were active again after two Ram pickup trucks were stolen from driveways - one on Patterson Road and the other on Bishop Drive.

In both cases, police noted the owners had possession of their keys. And again, both were taken in the overnight hours.

Police advise owners to use steering wheel locking devices, radio frequency blocking pouches, or park in a locked garage if possible. Top Stories

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