BARRIE, ONT. -- Farming typically requires the perfect weather conditions and lots of land, but a budding business is tackling food security with a futuristic take on farming.

Local Leaf Farms uses pink lighting and walls to grow its plants.

"We can grow product without soil using 95 per cent less water, 99 per cent less land and zero pesticides or herbicides and ensure our local community has a stable, predictable supply of food," explains Steve Jones, Local Leaf Farms president.

The new corporation just opened its flagship facility in Barrie with everything from mixed greens to herbs growing on the walls with special lighting and co2 helping them flourish.

The plants grow using hydroponics. Water drips from tubes into the plant towers with no soil required. Instead, the plant roots grow into material made from recycled pop bottles inside the towers.

The plants are harvested inside the facility and sent to local suppliers. In Barrie, Goodness Me will sell the product.

Local Leaf is building a second facility in Kingston, with 20 more locations planned across the country by 2025.