A man working at a local radio station has pleaded guilty to a number of sex offences involving young people.

In a Huntsville courtroom on Wednesday, Jason McIntyre pleaded guilty to four sex charges involving kids. The 26-year-old is a part-time DJ at Christian radio station Life 100.3 in Barrie

According to the station manager, Gravenhurst resident is still an employee at the station.

“He hasn't been let go, he's just not with us right now,” says Scott Jackson. “He's in jail right now, he hasn't been sentenced yet.”

McIntyre is also web developer at the radio station. When asked whether there was any concern if McIntyre may have contacted children through his role as a web developer, the station manager declined to comment.

The DJ first made contact with a teen under the age of 16 back in December of 2012, in Gravenhurst. He encouraged the teen to touch him in a sexual way.

The following year in November, he and a woman by the name of "Jess" invited an underage teenager to sexual touching.

Last year, McIntyre used a computer in the Gravenhurst area to reach out to a young teen. McIntyre was also found to be in the possession of child pornography.

Last week, the radio DJ pleaded guilty to two counts of luring, a count of sexual touching and possession of child pornography.

McIntyre will be sentenced for the four charges on July 6 in a Huntsville court.