BARRIE, ONT. -- Disclaimer: Some readers may find the content disturbing.

The Barrie man accused of brutally killing a father and his son during an apparent drug deal in 2017 underwent a six-hour cross-examination in court on Wednesday.

Dyrrin Daley claimed 51-year-old James Pasowisty and his 19-year-old son, Nick Pasowisty, attacked him, but the Crown attorney said otherwise.

Crown attorney Ray Williams said the accused planned to steal marijuana from the pair when he went to their William Street home in the early morning hours on Feb. 8 when his plan went sideways, ending in murder.

Daley denied the claims, telling the court, "I went over there to do a deal, and it went wrong."

The man standing trial for double murder testified he feared for his life.

He claimed the older Pasowisty called him a racial slur and tackled him. He said both men then tried to throw him from their balcony.

Daley declared that was when he pulled out a knife, and in an attempt to thwart their attack, began stabbing at the two until they backed off.

"I wasn't even thinking about it," Daley told the court. "It was automatic."

He said when he last saw Nick and James, they were hurt but still alive, adding he went home and tended a cut finger before going to sleep.

James and Nick Pasowisty were found in a pool of blood, with 73 stab wounds between the two.

Hours later, Dyrrin Daley was arrested.

Daley faces charges of first and second-degree murder in the deaths of Nick and James Pasowisty.

The accused is scheduled to take the stand for a third day on Thursday as the Crown's cross-examination continues.