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'It turned out quite amazingly,' Downtown Huntsville revitalization project wraps up

Huntsville business owners who endured road closures, detours and construction delays are breathing a sigh of relief with the completion of a major project to revitalize the downtown core.

"It turned out quite amazingly, actually," says Maryanne Smith, Soapstones Natural Skincare.

While most of the critical work was done underground, such as a new sewer and water pipes, the streetscape facelift includes fresh paving and widened sidewalks with chairs, trees and rocks to bring that Muskoka feeling to Main Street.

"It's funny how just a few chairs, everybody is in them and taking time just to be together, which is nice," says The Great Vine owner, Catherine Cole.


Despite the construction woes, business owners credit the work crews with keeping them in business.

"They always did manage to find a way to get our customers in the door, which was amazing," Cole says.

"It was important to us that we maintained pedestrian traffic at all times, so that was the number one priority throughout the project," adds engineering technician Brandon Hall.

Mayor Karin Terziano says the project's completion signifies construction through the area is a thing of the past.

"It means that we're done for at least another 50 years of having to dig up our streets and block off our roads, so that in itself is a great thing." Top Stories

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