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It's tee time: Golf courses begin their second round of the season


Golf courses in Simcoe County have begun their second round of the season, taking advantage of the sunny, spring-like weather conditions.

"We opened April 9 this year, last week, and we did get a bit of warm weather in March, so we opened for five days in March as well," said Craig Membery, the general manager of Innisbrook Golf Course.

This is an early season for many golfers as anticipation builds for them to hit the courses.

"I'm pumped just to get out at the end of the day. It's the end of April so it's supposed to be a little bit rainy and a little weird but I'm just excited to get out," said Doug Halpin, a local resident.

Only a few courses are currently open in Simcoe County. However, the Allandale Golf Course's driving range will run this weekend, and the entire course will open on May 3.

"Now that the weather is good, we can start hitting off the grass so we can reseed and let the grass grow," said Brendan Keeler at Cedar Links.

"People are chomping at the bit. They are stopping here every day, should be a good year. We are looking forward to it," said Terry Miskolczi at Allandale Golf Course.

As more golf courses reopen in the coming weeks, players can start preparing their equipment and return to enjoying the game they love. Top Stories

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