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Golf croquet a smashing success in Muskoka


Showcasing a new version of the game, the Muskoka Lawn Bowling Club in Bracebridge is adding croquet to its gaming agenda.

Thanks to a $5,000 grant from the federal government, many are learning to play golf croquet, and it has really taken off in Muskoka.

The instruction, equipment and membership for the month of June is free to everyone who would like to play.

Golf croquet is a fun, fast-paced game with skills that can easily be picked up, said Sally Mills of the Muskoka Lawn Bowling and Croquet Club.

"It's open to anybody, any age, any ability," said Mills, who added they can accommodate about 16 people at a time.

"It's easy to learn, and it's easy on the body. It's low impact and pretty well anybody can play," she said.

Golf croquet players take to the courts in Muskoka about four times a week.

"People that are new to the Bracebridge area, this is a fine way to go out and meet some new friends that share similar interests. We have a good time out here," said club member Jeff Shurie. Top Stories

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