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Georgian College offers virtual reality art experience to Grade 8 students

Over 100 Grade 8 students started their school week with a virtual reality art experience at Georgian College in Barrie.

The event is part of Grizzly Cubs programming directed towards Grade 8 students across the region in conjunction with five school boards.

The day's focus was visual arts and design, with 30 virtual reality stations for students to create their own 3D paintings.

"The incredible thing about virtual reality is it's a form of experiential learning. Students are actually doing things with their hands," said Rob Theriault, Immersive Technology Manager at Georgian College.

"I'm hoping that it inspires some students with an inclination towards art to come to our art program but also to consider a career in digital art," Theriault added.

The pandemic prevented elementary students from visiting the college, making this the first on-campus opportunity for Grade 8 students.

The program is designed to introduce students to the post-secondary education options available at a young age.

"Four years come up quickly for them, so the earlier they have exposure to the different opportunities that are available in post-secondary education, specifically at college, is a great way for them to start to figure out what they want to do," said Jordan McCauley, program officer of college partnerships at Georgian College.

Officials with Georgian College said the school has integrated virtual reality programs into roughly 20 programs so far, spanning from nursing to trades. Top Stories

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