If you like vibrant fall colours then Environment Canada has some good news for you.

Environment Canada’s David Phillips says the wet summer we’ve had has left trees right across the region green and healthy.

“I predict it's going to be spectacular because the one species that has loved this summer were trees. Leaves, leaves are happy and healthy they have stayed on the trees,” he says. “They are green, they are not curled up and brown. They have had lots of rain which they love.”

Phillips predicts the show will start towards the end of September, with the peak happening around Thanksgiving. In his view, the technicolour display will be well worth the cost of a rainy summer.

“If you have been complaining about the summer, nature is going to make up for it by giving us a glorious fall.”

As for the weather, Phillips is predicting the opposite of what we had for summer.

“The weather looks like it's going to be sunny, dryer, crisp, mild days, but crisp nights, which is perfect for bringing those vibrant colours on.”