A charity in Burlington is helping the Huntsville Table Soup Kitchen Foundation in a big way after seeing a CTV Barrie story about how they need food donations.

Speroway is a charity that helps distribute large food donations from manufacturers to food banks around the world.

On Sunday, they teamed up with local businesses to bring a special Christmas meal to more than 200 families in Huntsville.

The meal comes complete with a top grade turkey that was donated by Maple Leaf Foods.

“Everybody is going to have a great meal,” said Speroway’s Ken Forbes. “If we can help 200 people have a special meal, then I think that's what we should do."

Forbes started donating a truck full of food to the Huntsville food bank in September when he saw a CTV Barrie story about how they were in dire need of donations.

“Speroway supplies food for a lot of small food banks and unfortunately in Canada there is an increasing need for food and food programs and we were looking for a place where we could make the biggest impact."

The food bank serves more than 250 families a week and it makes a big difference for families, especially at Christmas.

“This is wonderful,” said Huntsville resident Terri Hewitt. “I'm so grateful. As long as family is together that's all that matters, but it's just that bonus that makes it extra special. That way the kids don't feel that they're missing out on anything.”

“We're a hard hit town when all the cottagers go, as any seasonal town knows,” said volunteer Valerie Colwell. “You know, we pull together."