A little girl from Innisfil is getting international attention, all for getting her hair cut.

Three year old Emily James’ first haircut was really special for more than one reason. Her parents captured the moment and it has become a big deal. That’s because Emily wanted to donate her hair to kids fighting cancer.

“What I want to do is give them my hair because I have long hair and I want to cut some of it off and give it to someone,” says Emily.

Emily’s Uncle Matt, who owns the salon, cut off seven inches of her locks. The hair is now in the mail and on its way to a wig shop in British Columbia.

“This is her (Emily) in a nutshell,” says Emily’s mom Amy.  “She’s spunky, enthusiastic and she does contain quite a bit of compassion for a three year old.”

Emily’s parents uploaded the video to Vimeo and YouTube just a couple of days ago. The video has gone viral and watched more than 200,000 times by people all over the world.

Even daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has seen the video and posted it her Good News blog.  The video of the three year olds hair cut was also featured CTV News Channels’ The Kevin Newman Show.

 “It’s pretty amazing,” says Emily’s dad Richard. “Just the scope and the amount of reach this video had.”

The James family say they would love to see this video hit a million views, but more importantly they want people to understand the message that a little girl had too much of something and she decided to share.