There has been a shocking case of animal poisoning in the north end of Barrie.

A local veterinarian says his dog ended up with some Tylenol in his system this weekend and the drug could have killed his dog.

Now, after he went out in his backyard yesterday to find his dog poisoned Dr. J Martin wants other pet owners to know what happened.

“I found it right here,” he says, pointing to a patch of grass in his yard.

“I let my dog out, and he was out in the backyard and I saw him eating something in the corner of the yard. I took a look at it, grabbed it out of his mouth and it was a hotdog that was sliced down the middle. there were three tablets.”

Martin says those tablets were extra strength Tylenol and his little dog Marcel swallowed one.

Martin rushed his dog to the animal clinic and then to the animal hospital to induce vomiting. He says the dose would have killed his dog because of his size.

Luckily Martin was able to get the drug out of his dog's system in time.

“If I had just let him out and went back in the house he would have eaten the whole hotdog and he would have died that day or the next day,” Martin says.

Now Martin is putting up flyers in his north-end neighbourhood warning pet owners of what happened.

“I think it's disgusting,” one neighbour says. “I really think it's disgusting that they'd do that.”

Another adds of the dog, he doesn’t “deserve it. Whether someone had a bad experience with a dog or not, it doesn't justify anything. It's not right.”

Another neighbour is afraid of letting the dog out without checking the yard first.

Martin is doing the same thing now, looking around his property before letting his dog out.

While he has decided not to involve the police, he's hoping the flyers posted in his community will help scare away whoever is responsible for this attempted poisoning.

Barrie police say July 28 they say they haven't received an official complaint, but under the Criminal Code of Canada animal poisoning is a criminal offence.