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Vandal smashes hammer through windows at Muskoka Wharf businesses


On Dec 11, just after 3 a.m., an individual was seen smashing a pair of windows with a hammer at two local businesses in Gravenhurst.

The Shipyards store was one of the locations that was vandalized.

A broken window at The Shipyards store in Gravenhurst, taken on Dec. 17, 2023. (Molly Frommer/CTV Barrie)

“It didn’t seem to be theft related, it didn’t seem to be motivated by anger, so we’re not looking at is this a disgruntled employee or was this a customer? We’re kind of really at a loose end because we don’t know how to rationalize that in our brains of what would have motivated this person to do that,” said Heather Fraser, The Shipyards manager.

The Blue Willow Tea Shop also had a window smashed.

A broken window at The Blue Willow Tea Shop store in Gravenhurst, taken on Dec. 17, 2023. (Molly Frommer/CTV Barrie)The owners said it was disappointing and senseless.

“It feels personal because when it’s your own business, you take it personally. You know there’s a lot of time you have to spend correcting their decision. Luckily, we were not affected at all. We were able to open up again on Wednesday morning for our festive high tea,” said Pamela Harris, co-owner of The Blue Willow Tea Shop.

The owners said besides the damage, nothing was taken during the incident.

“When they broke the window, they just ran, they didn’t have any intent by the appearance to want to steal anything or break in, they could have came through the door of that was the case. It makes no sense,” said Allison McKinnon, co-owner of The Blue Willow Tea Shop.

Both store owners hope to have their windows replaced sometime within the next week or two.

OPP are looking into this incident and said if anyone recognizes this individual to come forward. Top Stories


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