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Tiny Township council approves increasing short-term rental licence fee to $1,750


Tiny Township councillors approved increasing the licence renewal fee for short-term rental operators by $250 at Wednesday's meeting, bringing the new fee to $1,750, which the Township explained would help recoup costs spent on inspections, administration, and enforcement for the licensing program.

"One of the goals of the short-term licensing program is to ensure that general taxpayers are not subsidizing the administration or enforcement of the program," said Mayor David Evans. "Staff are spending more time on enforcement than projected.

It is important that the licence fee reflects this so the program follows a cost recovery model and does not impact taxpayers".

The Township also issued a reminder to short-term rental property owners that they have until December 31 to renew their licences for approval to operate in the new year.

The Township caps the number of licences issued at 300 on a first-come, first-served basis.

Any applicants listed under review must complete their 2023 application before the end of the year to obtain their licence to move on to the 2024 renewal process.

Renewal licence applications open on Monday. Top Stories

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