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Southlake welcomes revolutionary cancer care technology


This Cancer Awareness Month, Southlake in Newmarket is introducing innovative cancer care technology to help diagnose and treat women's cancer in the community.

"Early detection is critical when treating breast cancer and other women's cancers," said Lorrie Reynolds, director of the Regional Cancer Program at Southlake. "We treat more than 1,700 breast cancer patients at Southlake every year. By adding advanced technology, like the new mammography machines, we're ensuring women have the best experience at Southlake."

The centre is welcoming new mammography machines, the MyoSure System and the MOLLI 2® System.

Southlake is installing three new mammography machines to expand its breast cancer screening program to 1,500 women.

Two of the machines have new biopsy capabilities that will reduce the number of exams.

This fall, women ages 40 to 49 can self-refer for publicly funded mammograms through the Ontario Breast Screening Program.

Southlake is also introducing the MyoSure System, an innovative technology that can help detect female reproductive cancers.

The foundation states that an estimated 200 women per year will benefit from the MyoSure System.

The donor support was achieved through the Here is Where Cancer Meets its Match campaign.

"As a clinician caring for women with cancer in our community, I'm incredibly proud of the work Southlake is doing to advance women's health and improve patient experiences," said Sara Temple, surgical oncologist and chief of surgery at Southlake. "Women who visit Southlake can be confident that they are receiving leading-edge care, close to home when they need it most."

The World Health Organization anticipates a 77 per cent increase in cancer diagnoses by 2050.

"The generosity of our donor community and the impact they have made for women receiving cancer diagnosis and treatment at Southlake is something we can all take great pride in," said Jennifer Ritter, president and CEO of Southlake Foundation. Thank you to every donor who contributed to these important upgrades to care for women." Top Stories

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