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Snowmobile season winding down with the melting snow across Simcoe County


As the snow begins to melt away in Simcoe County, so does the snowmobile season.

"I'm thinking that if you want to go riding, you better hit the trails the first part of this week," said Kevin Hagen, the manager of Mid-Ontario Snowmobile Trails.

The number of days until trail maps are filled with only red closures is dwindling in what many call one of the more frustrating seasons in memory because of the irregular cycle of freezing and melting.

"We've worked really hard, and it does take a lot more work because you're starting over again, starting over again. The posts fall over. It's just non-stop," said Hagen.

Snowmobilers know their fate is out of their control regarding how many times they get to use their machine each season. They just try to make it work.

"I would've liked to get out more on the trails just because they open pretty late, but it's been pretty good," said Sean Mills before taking off on a trail in Midhurst.

At the mercy of Mother Nature, riders are using the March Break to try and salvage what they can before sleds are retired to sheds for another year.

"Just trying to get the most out of it. Get our money's worth out of our trail passes. They don't go down from year to year. They do a great job when the snow comes, but it's been pretty limited," said Tom Mills.

Based on how the season has gone, some sledders feel lucky that some trails in Simcoe County are still open, even if it's in a limited capacity.

"We've got this extra snow kind of bonus that came in March here. We were able to open a good chunk of our trails again, and there are pockets still open, and we're trying to stretch those as long as possible," said Hagen.

As people try to get in their final sled rides, picking their spots carefully becomes even more crucial.

"I've been told the ice breaker is scheduled to come into Midland Harbour today, and any ice running will be super dangerous after that happens. So that will be a warning for people to heed. To stay off the ice in the Midland area," added Hagen.

With trails in Simcoe County barely hanging on, many snowmobilers say they aren't leaving it to chance as they travel north to more snow and colder temperatures for the March Break.

"If it stayed cold and it kept snowing, we'd keep grooming. We never give up," said Hagen. Top Stories

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