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Simcoe County resident voices Disney's movie 'Wish'


Disney has recently released the Arabic version of one of its latest movies, with a Springwater Ont., woman voicing the main character.

Rana Adel is the voice behind "Asha" in the Arabic version of the movie "Wish".

The Arabic version of 'Wish' offers a unique experience.

The film follows a young girl who wishes upon a star, which falls from the sky and possesses magical powers. Rana's character, Asha, embarks on a mission to save the kingdom from an evil king, using the star's powers. Rana's journey to Egypt last November, where she spent three weeks recording for the movie, adds to the intrigue of this adaptation.

Rana has been dubbing movies in Arabic for many years; however, she says she connects most with the character Asha.

"She's so expressive. Sometimes she's so joyful, sometimes she's singing; I'm making this wish so something better would happen for us. There's so many different aspects of her character I can relate to. Even the director told me not to act or try to do something, but actually feel, and understand and connect to her so I can deliver the way she does," Rana said.

Alongside Wish, Rana voiced the Arabic versions of the Little Mermaid and Rapunzel last year.

She mentioned that she's still celebrating her recent work and will take some time before starting her next big project. Top Stories

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