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Ram pickup trucks stolen from Barrie driveways as owners slept


Police in Barrie say Ram pickup truck thieves are active in the community again after two were reported stolen overnight on Wednesday.

The Ram pickup trucks were reportedly stolen from their owners’ driveways - one on Patterson Road and the other on Bishop Drive.

In both cases, the owners had the keys to their vehicles.

Police say one owner awoke around 4 a.m. to the sound of his truck starting up in his driveway, and by the time he got to the front of his house, it was gone.

The truck is a black 2021 Ram Rebel with red tow hooks on the front, a tonneau cover, Ram storage boxes, and tinted windows, with the licence plate B K 6 8 9 2 7.

In the second instance, the thieves made off with a black 2022 Ram Longhorn Limited, licence plate B B 8 6 9 6 1.

Police advise owners of newer model Ram pickup trucks, Toyota Highlanders, and Lexus RX350 sport utility vehicles to take steps to secure their vehicles against theft.

They say these vehicles are highly sought after by thieves, and owners are encouraged to use steering wheel locking devices, radio frequency blocking pouches, or park in a locked garage if possible.

The service reminds residents to be vigilant and report suspicious persons or vehicles in their neighbourhoods. Top Stories

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