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Photo radar camera on 25th Sideroad nabs 30 speeders on 1st day in operation


The Township of Essa plans to add more photo radar cameras to curb dangerous driving habits after its first operational camera on the 25th Sideroad captured 30 speeding motorists on day one.

It's estimated that 5,000 vehicles travel along the 25th Sideroad daily, so the Township had a photo radar camera installed between the 9th and 10th Line, and resident Neil Parks thinks it is necessary.

"This area is pretty dangerous with the hills and everything, and they fly through here too, so I think it's a good idea," Parks said.

The Township has earmarked several potential locations for the cameras, including Denney Drive, 20th Sideroad, 5th Line, and King Street.

Another unit will be installed in the coming days as the Township focuses on driving habits in Community Safety Zones.

"If you exceed a certain threshold, then a picture of your vehicle is captured, and you can anticipate to receive a ticket within 30 days via mail," explained Michael Mikael, with the township.

Officials would not say at what speed tickets would be issued.

Global Traffic Now has been brought in to install and monitor the cameras, with all revenue brought in through the fines to be split between the company and the Township.

Mayor Sandie Macdonald said the initiative isn't a cash grab but a safety measure to slow drivers down.

"We felt that this is just a great way to have extra eyes trying to prevent any accidents from happening," the mayor noted.

The portable cameras will be relocated to several locations during the pilot program over the next two years.

Council will revisit the program next year to see what changes, if any, are needed. Top Stories

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