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OPP investigates theft of 15 catalytic converters from two dealerships


The OPP is investigating the theft of catalytic converters from vehicles at two dealerships in Mono.

Police say the thefts happened overnight between November 30 to December 1.

They say catalytic converters were cut from a total of 15 inventory trucks at Orangeville Chrysler and McMaster Buick dealerships on Highway 9.

Police say most of these types of incidents happen in the overnight hours when the thieves aren't easily noticed.

A catalytic converter is a device attached to the exhaust system that helps reduce pollutants and contains valuable precious metals, making them attractive to thieves for sale on the black market.

Police say catalytic converter thefts have been rising in recent years across the country.

They advise business owners to be vigilant and park vehicles in well-lit, fenced enclosures or indoors when possible.

Dufferin OPP asks anyone with information to contact police at 1-888-310-1122 or Crime Stoppers. Top Stories

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