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New heath clinic to open in Huntsville


Residents in Huntsville will soon have quicker access to healthcare due to the opening of a new healthcare centre.

"Having access to a clinic where you know you can access a medical professional, it's a game changer," said Nancy Alcock, Mayor of Huntsville.

With nearly 250 thousand dollars in provincial funding provided to the town, a vacant space owned by the town will be used for the clinic.

"It is a beginning, it is a start, and it means people can access care when they need it. Otherwise, they are going to the emergency at the hospital," said Alcock.

It's a system based upon travel that doctor Melanie Mar, a local physician, says has been happening far too long, with individuals who need a family doctor forced to make the long trip to other communities if they need non-urgent care.

"Which unfortunately has left a lot of people with worsening chronic diseases or missing the opportunity for basic preventative care options that we would have been able to provide," said Mar.

According to the town, what will be provided will include access to a nurse practitioner and onsite paramedic services.

"Just like other communities, healthcare is a bit under strain, so this will really help to relieve that at local hospital," said Mar.

The town says they have yet to finalize an exact completion date for the project but do have plans to open the space for residents by early spring.

Once the space has been opened, residents can book available times for service through an online portal. Top Stories

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