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New music program loops parents into learning in unique twist


A new music program is putting a new twist on how it delivers lessons to young students.

Glowing Hearts Charity has expanded its musical offerings, now providing violin lessons. Open to students from Grades 2 through 5, they are welcome to attend so long as they have their parents there too, ready to learn.

"So we're doing sort of a Suzuki method violin where the parents are teaching the kids at home, and the lessons are considered more of a backup for the parents," said teacher Janice Lamarre. "I'm providing a book I created for them, a recording I created for them and also videos to help them learn at home."

Lamarre has decades of experience with the often complicated instrument, with an education at both Julliard and Yale. She says the unique offering takes bravery from every parent who chooses to dive in.

"So much in schools we tend to say 'oh whatever the teachers teach them, that's what they learn' but in our method, we say whatever the parents teach them with the teachers help is what they learn."

The students are early in their studies, with just a few weeks under their belt. It was a surprise for some of the parents to learn that this was far from a 'kiss-and-ride' situation.

"We saw that the lessons were offered, and we signed up because our child was very interested in learning violin," said Renee Brown. "I didn't realize that we would be involved as well, but it makes sense because it is a little bit harder of an instrument!"

Currently, two classes are being offered, with a capacity of 12 people. There is room in both classes for new students. If you are interested, click here. Top Stories

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