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Winter warriors brave the storm to hit the slopes


The ski season has officially kicked off in central Ontario, with Mount St. Louis Moonstone and Blue Mountain now open to eager winter enthusiasts.

Despite some challenging weather conditions, including strong winds and freezing rain, both resorts welcomed skiers and snowboarders for another season.

"It's awesome to be back," said one snowboarder, despite the "horrible weather."

Mount St. Louis Moonstone was forced to pause operations on some of its trails due to the storm Thursday, but everything resumed once the winds calmed.

Horseshoe Resort was forced to delay its opening due to the storm but officials say it will open Friday.

"We’re excited that we have snow on the ground, and ready to go, but unfortunately, Mother Nature gave us another challenge with some wind and weather, so the team is ready for tomorrow morning," said Horseshoe Resort's vice president Jonathan Reid.

Snow Valley is particularly excited as it celebrates its 70th anniversary with its planned opening Friday.

Aside from the weather, the resorts all face the challenge of staffing shortages but say they are prepared and ready to welcome back both new and old winter warriors. Top Stories

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