BARRIE, ONT. -- Friday's mega jackpot is making history as many people rushed out to purchase what they hope is a lucky ticket.

"It's super busy," said Shabu Momin, the owner of Hasty Market. "People are spending more money because it's a high lottery, so instead of buying a $6 (ticket) they are buying $28 and $21."

The $70 million jackpot, combined with another $70 million in $1 million prizes, is a first.

"We've never seen that amount of prizes being offered in one draw ever in Canadian lottery history," said OLG spokesperson Tony Bitonti.

Bitonti says the last time a winner hit the jackpot was in April when a $10 million prize was split between two people, one from Simcoe County the other purchased online.

"In the last few draws, a number of winning tickets have been sold across Simcoe County," Bitonti said. "We are excited to see where this next winner is going to come from."

The odds of winning the jackpot are roughly one in 32 million.

If no one hits the jackpot, then it will continue to roll over.

According to the OLG, in recent draws, participants have won more than half of the Max Millions, worth $1 million.