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'It's scary here,' Ukrainian woman with ties to Barrie, Ont. wants to return amid invasion

A Ukrainian woman with ties to Barrie, Ont. wants to return to Canada as the Russian invasion intensifies.

"Because I was there twice when I was a child." Ruslana was part of a sponsorship program in the 90s that brought children from Chernobyl to Canada, and for two summers, she lived with a family in Barrie.

"Very kind people, and when I lived there, it's more happiness, I think."

Now, the 35-year-old woman seeks refuge as her country is ravaged by war.

She says her town has been destroyed, forcing her to flee to her parent's home in another part of the country.

"It's scary here," Ruslana says via FaceTime on Thursday.

While she says it's quiet at her parent's place, the war is not over, leaving them with an unsettling feeling.

"We are all scared," she adds. "We don't want to be here if they are coming here soon and start shelling."

Like many, Ruslana says she was shocked by the Russian invasion. 

"I was surprised, and many people here were surprised," Ruslana says." It's really surprising that Putin can do that. Like, he is coming and start attacking whole cities, whole Ukraine."

Ruslana is pleading with the world's leaders to develop a solution to stop the devastation.

"Help it end, this war."

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