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Innisfil celebrates its volunteers with special social event


The Town of Innisfil is showing appreciation for all its volunteers this week.

The Town held a special volunteer appreciation social on Sunday at the Innisfil ideaLab and Library, aiming to highlight the importance of every volunteer and their contributions to their community.

"Our volunteers run many programs for the community, and it's really, truly what brings everybody together," said Daniella Severino, the Town of Innisfil's Arts, Culture, and Events Specialist.

Sandy Cove Senior Wish volunteer Linda Lewer attended the event on Sunday and while appreciative, she said she just wanted to help her community thrive.

"I don't need to be recognized," Lewer said. "It really isn't about me or what I get out of it because I don't think I'm doing any of this for myself; I like to think what I'm doing benefits the entire community."

The Town's celebration coincides with the start of National Volunteer Week, which takes place across the country from April 14 to 20.

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