Ice anglers out on Lake Simcoe attracted more than just fish on Sunday afternoon.

South Simcoe Police partnered up the Ministry of Natural Resources in Innisfil to knock on hut doors, as part of a surprise safety blitz initiative.

“When we say safety, it comes down to its cold outside and a lot of people come out to this area to experience ice fishing for the first time,” said Constable Rob Griffin. “They don't understand how cold it can be out there.”

While the ministry confirmed all rules and regulations were followed.

“(We’re) making sure that people have their fishing licenses and are respecting the rules like the number of lines you can use and the amount of fish that you can catch,” said Ben Leger.

A local fisherman said Sunday’s surprise safety blitz is nothing new, but it’s necessary.

"Sometimes they don't knock they just come right on in, but that's to be expected,” said the fisherman. “Lots of guys are out here without licences I assume. Its good safety for everybody"

Police say they didn’t hand out any tickets on Sunday but did give plenty of warnings.