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Ice break on Georgina Island shows no respect for waterfront cottages


The coastline of Georgina Island is being overrun by ice.

Magnificent mountains of ice crystals crept up the beach from Lake Simcoe onto land Wednesday.

Noah Mccue took photos of a cottage on the northwest side of the island that faces the Barrie area.

"Fortunately, it was unoccupied. However, the deck and a good portion of the house were swallowed up by all the ice pack," Mccue said. "I'd say some mountains ranging from eight feet to 15 feet (high)."

Ice breaks into a house on Georgina Island, Wed., Feb. 28, 2024 (Courtesy: Noah Mccue)

Mccue said the great ice push happened Wednesday due to the spike in warm weather mixed with the rain and high winds that caused a massive amount of ice to flood the shorelines of the big lake.

The ice rush happens "a lot of the time near the end of the season. It was the high winds that managed to push the ice up to the Points roads," he said.Ice creeps up on a cottage on Georgina Island, Wed., Feb. 28, 2024 (Source: Andrew Arminen)

Another islander, Andrew Arminen, wrote on social media, "The pack is 20 feet high and (I've) no idea about the width. Was not about to climb (the) pile to check it out."

Arminen told CTV News the lake is "100 yards away at our cottage. Ice stopped 25 feet short of the deck." Top Stories

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