BARRIE, ONT. -- Graduating students all across the province missed out on milestone events like commencements and proms this year.

For some, the dresses had already been purchased and altered before the pandemic took hold and changed the course of the school year.

But the folks at an Alliston family farm decided their student workers weren't going to miss out.

"It's like a coming of age sort of thing, and I felt so bad the girls missed out on their prom," said Murphy's Farm, Market and Bakery's Holly McKee.

A special graduation and prom ceremony was held on Murphy's family farm for five student workers who graduated in June and some of their friends.

"They missed out on so much. They got the last couple of months of school taken away from them, and their prom and their grads on top of that," McKee said.

"It's something you remember forever, and I just wanted to give them that memory back," she continued.

The barn was decorated with chandeliers and flowers that had been used over the weekend for a wedding.