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Here's why Royal Canadian Air Force jets are touching down at Collingwood's airport


It's a scene reminiscent of Tom Cruise's film Top Gun, as several Royal Canadian Air Force jets soared through the sky and landed at the Collingwood airport, but it's not for a sequel; instead, the CT-155 Hawk aircraft are being retired.

The plane's arrival has been the talk of the town for days, and many people are pulling over to catch a glimpse.

"I think it's really neat. I haven't seen these up here in a long, long time. There were about six of them the other day, and now there's eight here," said Collingwood resident Sean Phillips.

Eight aircraft have reached their final destination at the Collingwood Regional Airport, and more are on the way.

The jets arrived from Alberta and Saskatchewan, where they will begin their new journey as maintenance trainers at Base Borden's School of Aerospace Technology and Engineering.

"It's totally cool," shared Tom Akelaitis, a local community member. "I'd like to get in there, get closer, and get a tour."

The airport is privately owned and off-limits to the public for pictures. However, the community can enjoy viewing from a safe distance outside of the airport property. Top Stories

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