Rain and mud didn't slow down training scenarios in Meaford, as firefighters worked to rescue an 800 pound model horse from a creek.

“We show everybody how to understand the animal’s actions, then we demonstrate each and every movement in certain rescue techniques,” says Victor McPherson with the Adjala-Tosorontio Fire Department.

More than 30 firefighters from 17 different communities took part in large animal rescue training on Sunday.

Animal Specialists from the University of Guelph assisted with the training sessions to ensure animals that aren’t hurt get out safely.  

“This helps the fire departments do it well, and do it without hurting that animal,” says Gayle Ecker, with the University. “We want to make sure it’s a safe rescue and a successful rescue.”

What’s learned at the training session will be shared. Participants were also taught how to deliver the training to their colleagues who couldn’t attend.