INNISFIL, ONT. -- York Regional Police are patrolling Lake Simcoe warning anyone fishing about the risks they could face with the rapidly changing ice conditions.

"We are not making a lot of ice." Rob Crosbie, J's Fish Huts, says the lake's ice thickness in Innisfil is the most inconsistent he's ever seen.

"I've got three huts that are sitting on six inches of ice. My minimum requirement is five to open. I have six [inches] on the shelf, but as soon as I get past that shelf, you're onto two inches thick," Crosbie says.

In a social media post, York Regional Police posted, "Another snowmobile went through the ice on Lake Simcoe late afternoon on Friday. [It's a] reminder that sections of ice may appear snow-covered and stable but can be thin underneath and may pose significant risk."

Staff Sgt. Aaron Busby says the conditions are unstable right across the lake. "We've had two cars go through at Virginia Beach. We've had two snowmobiles go through and also two ATV's through in the south part of Cooks Bay."

Despite multiple incidents, many people chose to drive their vehicles onto the ice in Keswick on Wednesday.

Police say it's a major problem.

"Some of the areas have current, some of the areas have springs underneath, it just causes the water to not stand as still, and it just does not form thick ice enough to support," Busby adds.

Police encourage anyone insisting on heading onto the ice to be prepared with safety equipment.