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Evil is unleashed at Springwater Park with a chillingly haunting attraction

Evil is unleashed at Springwater Park in Minesing with a chillingly haunting attraction for only the very brave.

JoeBoo Evil Events partnered with First Nation to bring an unforgettable, frightening attraction that is sure to send shivers down your spine.

"There are five haunted houses here, with five different themes, and they are about 4,000 square feet each inside. One of them is 6,000 square feet, and there are surprises at each corner," says Grant Reeves, COO of JoeBoo Evil Events.

The scream-worthy attraction also has electronic jump scares, interactive actors and four escape rooms.

The event opens on Friday to brave souls aged 13 and older. Tickets are available online and start at $15.

"Come here, test your own personal will to go through the haunts, and at the same time do it in a safe environment; and more importantly, you know, walk away with an experience that takes you to the edge but just doesn't take you over the edge in terms of that Halloween haunt," Reeves adds.

Springwater Provincial Park's Manager, Jeff Monague, admits the attraction gives him chills.

"It's going to be scary at night. I've been through this in the daytime, and I'm a little hesitant about going through this at night," he says.

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