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Dog abandoned during ice storm on road finds new home as 3 others seek adoption


Over a month ago, four American Bulldogs were rescued after being dumped on the side of the road in Bradford during a freezing rainstorm.

Today, at least one of them has a home.

Brutus was adopted by the Walker family shortly after being rescued and is now living his best dog life.

"I already pictured him in our house," recalled Tammy Walker during the adoption process. "We brought our kids here to come meet him, and it just went from there."

Brutus and the three other abandoned dogs required major surgeries, from knee problems to eye surgeries. One female, Katrina, almost did not make it.

However, thanks to the Alliston and District Humane Society (ADHS), the four bulldogs were given a second chance at life by getting the surgical care they needed.

But it did not come cheap, as it cost roughly $14,000.

ADHS president Jane Clarke says Bradford Animal Services strongly suspects the four dogs came from a puppy mill operation.

"Three of them had the genetic eye condition, so the suggestion was that they couldn't afford to fix her," explained Clarke. "And Katrina was overbred. Our vet was just appalled."

Meanwhile, it has been a happy ending for Brutus. "Dogs deserve a second chance just like us," said Micke Walker, Tammy's husband. They encourage others to consider adopting instead of shopping from a breeder.

The three other pups are still looking for their forever homes. Anyone interested in meeting or adopting the dogs is welcome to visit the humane society or the website for more information. Top Stories


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