A plan to sell the Collingwood Regional Airport is back on the table after it was declared a surplus site by the town.

During a town hall meeting this week, council decided to list the property. It’s a move council has been wanting to do for a while, but was delayed because of ongoing issues with a proposed wind turbine project.

"There needs to be a stronger focus on the airport to take it to the next level...the town does not have the means staff wise and financially to do that," says Mayor Sandra Cooper. 

The airport is located in Clearview. In 2015, the town approached both the County of Simcoe and Clearview Township about buying it.

The county isn't interested and Clearview isn't commenting.

"I’m hoping the Town of Clearview buys it because it's in their township and they are very progressive and the possibility for expansion is superb," says George Elliott, a pilot.

Elliot and other local pilots welcome a change in ownership. They say there've been missed opportunities to expand the airport.

"They don't seem to be invested. It hasn't made sense for them to make the next steps so we should let the new players in," says David Hughes of Collingwood Aviation Partners.

Hughes sees potential.  He's with one of two groups planning to build aviation business parks.

He says a new owner is an important piece of the puzzle.

"A master plan for the airport is needed for any of the developments projects that are slated for the airport without ownership none of the plans can move forward."

There is no timeline to officially list the airport for sale. The Town of Collingwood has appraised the property, but isn’t saying how much it wants to get for it.