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Barrie woman's preparedness thwarts thieves trying to steal 2nd truck in 10 months


Less than a year after a Barrie woman's $90,000 Ram pickup truck was stolen out of her driveway, home surveillance video showed she was targeted again by thieves trying to take her new truck, only this time, she was prepared.

"So they were not successful," said Lawmi Kundu, who said she woke up on Tuesday morning to find the footage of suspects making several attempts to break into her new vehicle.

The thieves couldn't replicate her key fob, and while the video shows them trying a few different approaches to steal the truck, they eventually gave up and took off.

Being targeted a second time has left Kundu fearful.

"They came only to us," said Kundu, adding they don't know why they have been targeted. "Do they want to break into the house?" she asked.

Statistics supplied by Barrie Police Services reveal 272 vehicles were stolen last year, compared to 210 so far in 2023. However, the number of thefts has more than doubled from October to November, with 28 stolen vehicles in 21 days this month.

"In the past few weeks, we have noticed an increased number of vehicle thefts," said Jennett Mays, Barrie Police Services.

Two individuals are captured on home surveillance video in the driveway of a Barrie, Ont., residence on Tues., Nov. 21, 2023. (Supplied)

Police advise vehicle owners to take every precaution to avoid becoming a victim of theft, including using a steering wheel lock, faraday pouches to block key fobs from being replicated, and parking in a garage when possible. They also recommend using an onboard diagnostic port lock and remaining vigilant during the colder months to prevent opportunistic thefts.

"If you're warming up your vehicle, do so with a remote start so that your vehicle remains locked and less attractive to thieves," Mays added.

Meanwhile, Kundu is hopeful the police catch those responsible.

"I really wish the thieves get what they deserve," she said.

Police stress the importance of investing in a good home security system and lighting, and encourage residents to call the authorities if they see anything or anyone suspicious. Top Stories


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