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Barrie family's $90,000 truck stolen in early morning heist


Lawmi Kundu woke Wednesday morning to discover her family's new truck was missing from their driveway.

"I just told my husband, 'Get up! The truck is gone," Kundu said.

She said they had just purchased the 2022 Ram Long Horn Limited Edition for more than $90,000 in October.

Kundu said the security video from her Bloxham Place home appears to show two men stealing the truck shortly before 3 a.m. She said she noticed it was gone just two hours later.

"We are heartbroken," she said. "It's a very empty feeling."

The family had just moved to the Barrie neighbourhood from Toronto in August, "thinking it's safer," Kundu stated.

"I just don't know what to say," she said. "Are they happy to steal from someone?"

According to the Barrie police, there has been a recent increase in stolen vehicles.

Police report 344 occurrences of stolen motor vehicles in 2022.

And so far, in the first 20 days of this year, police say 20 vehicles have been stolen in Barrie, with more than half of those being Ram trucks.

Police encourage vehicle owners to take extra precautions to combat the rising trend.

They suggest covering the VIN on vehicles parked in driveways to prevent thefts and parking in a garage or a well-lit area when possible.

They also recommend installing security cameras on the property, using a steering wheel locking device, or purchasing a device designed to protect key fobs.

The police note thieves often target newer, push-start vehicles "due to their ability to be reprogrammed." Top Stories

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