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Barrie man raises the alarm after suspected laced cannabis claims his 2 friends' lives


Russell Tighe is mourning the loss of two close friends who died last week after what he suspects was an accidental overdose possibly caused by consuming cannabis laced with the potent opioid fentanyl.

"We don't know specifically the details of it all, but buying maybe acquiring what they believed to be a harmless controlled substance laced with something that's very lethal," Tighe said.

The Barrie man is determined to prevent a similar fate for others. He is speaking out to warn the community about the potential dangers of unregulated substances sold on the streets.

"It's very, very, very dangerous to buy anything off the street, anything that is not safe and regulated," he emphasized.

Barrie police confirm they found two bodies during a wellness check at a residence last Saturday.

They say toxicology tests are planned to determine the exact cause of death.

Barrie Police Services Communications Coordinator Peter Leon said there is a disturbing trend in the city that has persisted for some time.

"I think people that participate in a high-risk lifestyle where drugs are involved need to recognize and know that the drugs they are using could, in fact, be drugs that could cause them to die," Leon added.

Tighe stressed his friends' lack of intent to knowingly subject themselves to such grave risks. "There's no way they would venture into such danger."

Police reiterate the importance of exercising caution when purchasing any substance outside a registered government-approved store. Top Stories

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