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Abad Shire's defence argues 'appalling lifestyle' should not factor in murder trial


Closing arguments were presented in the second-degree murder trial of Abad Shire, accused of the 2019 stabbing death of Ryan Babineau inside his downtown Barrie apartment.

Shire completed his testimony Tuesday, during which the Crown questioned his credibility.

Crown Attorney Michael Flosman accused Shire of lying about when he returned to Barrie after co-accused Cory Greavette was arrested.

"I did not lie to the jury at all," Shire responded.

Greavette was sentenced to nine years minus time served for his role in Babineau's death.

Flosman told the court Babineau's blood was all over Shire's clothing, adding, "There were almost 70 stab wounds."

While Shire pointed the finger at co-accused Greavette for Babineau's death, the Crown told the jury, "Abad Shire, quite literally, had Ryan Babineau's blood on his hands."

Shire's lawyer, Alexandra Mamo, delivered her closing statements, arguing that Shire's testimony proves he did not stab Babineau.

She questioned the credibility of the Crown's main witnesses, painting them as unreliable, inconsistent, and dishonest.

Mamo called the lone Crown witness in the apartment when 30-year-old Babineau was stabbed to death "a dangerous witness," adding, "it's really hard to imagine a less reliable witness."

Mamo also asked the jury to consider Shire's testimony, not his history as a drug dealer.

"This is dangerous," the defence lawyer stated. "This is the way innocent people get found guilty."

She told the jury the case wasn't about his "appalling lifestyle" and implored them to find her client not guilty.

The Crown characterized Shire's version of events as improbable, implausible and impossible and argued that Shire had time to come up with his story since his arrest.

Justice Cary Boswell will conclude his instruction of the jury Wednesday before they begin deliberating.

The allegations against Shire have not been tested in court. Top Stories

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