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Volunteers bring compassion to drop-in listening service in Barrie


The Listening Post Barrie, a drop-in listening service, is being offered at multiple locations throughout the city, including the downtown library.

It gives people a safe space to open up and speak to someone one on one with no judgment.

"We listen, but more than that, we bring our hearts to it, and our intention of the heart which is to just be present to someone in a way that just lets them know that we value them and accept them as they are," said Ruth McDonald, founder and executive director of The Listening Post Barrie.

Heather Buchan is one of 30 volunteers who says volunteering resonates with her soul.

"I feel that it's an opportunity to provide what we all want - which is to be heard and seen and valued just as we are. So, for me, it's just a blessing," she said.

The Listening Post is a drop-in service with several locations across the City of Barrie. (CTV News/Molly Frommer)

The drop-in listening service can be found at multiple locations.

"There's the Busby Centre, Elizabeth Fry, who had a shelter at the same location as the Busby Centre, so then we started listening with them. There's transitional housing for Lucy's Place," said McDonald. "There is also the RSVP with the CMHA, and we're with Samaritan House, just to name a few."

McDonald said the group is currently looking for sponsors and donors, as well as more volunteers. She says she hopes to open more sites within the city. Top Stories

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