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Vandals target Barrie family, slashing tires, damaging four vehicles


A Barrie man is speaking out after three of his family's vehicles and a neighbour's car were vandalized Saturday night.

A neighbour alerted Charles Brillinger Sunday morning that the four vehicles in his shared Stanley Street driveway were vandalized overnight.

"Almost all our tires were slashed. They keyed two of the cars, they broke the windshield washer arms, and they broke a couple of the side view mirrors," Brillinger told CTV News on Monday.

Brillinger said he didn't see or hear the perpetrators, nor did his neighbours.

The next closest security camera is also several homes away, without a clear view of his driveway.

"My car, my wife's and my mother-in-law's car were damaged that night," Brillinger said. "None of us could go to work today because we still have to find brand new tires and get out on the road; my daughter couldn't go to daycare either."

A photo of a mirror that has been broken, taken on Mon., Dec. 4 (Christian D'Avino/CTV News).

Barrie Police confirmed they are investigating a mischief and vandalism incident in the Stanley and Livingstone Streets area and are appealing to the public for anyone who may have information or photos.

Police were unavailable for further comment on Monday.

Brillinger said he filed a report online but is still waiting to hear from investigators about the incident.

Originally from Newmarket, Brillinger said he and his family haven't lived in Barrie for long and don't know who or why someone would have damaged their vehicles.

"We feel a little violated. Definitely, it's a little invasive. This feels like our safe space, and it's wild that somebody would come and do that to us."

Brillinger's neighbour, who was also impacted in the incident, has installed a security camera to deter further incidents.

An estimate of how much damage was done to the vehicles is still being worked out. Top Stories

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