BARRIE -- A unique new snowmobile has hit the market, and its Canadian makers claim it's unlike anything else on the trails.

The electric sled moves and feels like a typical snowmobile, but it doesn't smell or sound like one.

Taiga Motors has created what they call the first commercially available electric snowmobile in the world, the TS3.

Co-founder Paul Aschard says they intend to show that a machine like theirs is possible. "We want to prove that electric is possible, and there's a demand for it."

Taiga Motors Vehicle Dynamics Engineer Matt Schroeder insists they didn't compromise on performance. "It's about the smoothness of the power delivery. You squeeze the throttle, and you get an instant response." He adds, "You get that full throttle right away, which is pretty exhilarating."

And you just have to plug it in to charge it for two to three hours on a regular automotive charger.

Those who took it for a ride today weren't complaining.

"Being a snowmobile enthusiast and being able to get my hands on the first generation electric snowmobile for me was a buzz," admits Andrew Laurin.

The TS3 was unveiled last week and had over 600 reserved orders.