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Township to replace photo radar camera that vandals cut down and destroyed


Roughly two months after the first speed enforcement camera in Essa Township was installed, someone took measures to show their feelings about its existence.

"Over the weekend ... the post was cut down, and the camera was completely destroyed," says Michael Mikael with the Township.

The camera was installed on the 25th Sideroad between the Ninth and Tenth Lines, an area nearby residents call problematic. 

The Township says the road was flagged as a high-speed area.

Officials suspect someone used a chainsaw to cut the post down.

"People will look at it sometimes as a cash grab; however, the installation of the camera was hoping to enhance the driver behaviour to obey the posted speed limit. It's very unfortunate to see such a behaviour in the Township," says Mikael.

The total cost of the damage is still under investigation.

"The entire damage is being covered, in terms of theft or vandalism, is covered by Global Traffic, so they're preparing a new package. It has no cost impact whatsoever on Essa or the taxpayer," says Mikael.

Nearly 5,000 vehicles travel on the 25th Sideroad every day.

Mikael says that it had made a difference in the nearly two months since the camera was installed.

"We did see lots of improvement based on our discussion with the surrounding neighbours and residents," says Mikael.

The investigation remains ongoing by the OPP.

In the meantime, the Township says they are waiting for replacement parts and will install a new camera in the next few weeks. Top Stories

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